Our Mission: The Fund provides financial, educational, and emotional support for a small number of excellent high school and university students from poor families in Quito, Ecuador. We aim to provide consistent and comprehensive support for the students and their families so that the students can complete their educations and develop fully their talents, leadership abilities, and qualities of character. This support is comprehensive, since the parents of these students choose to forgo, at considerable short-term sacrifice, the income that these students could bring to their families and permit them to continue to advance in their studies.

The work of the Fund is inspired by and dedicated to the life of David Byrd-Felker. David was a world traveller and a remarkable person and student. He disappeared in the mountains of southern Ecuador in July of 2002.

The Fund provides financial support in the form of full scholarships, grants to defray normal costs of attending university, and emergency support as needed. We provide tutoring in critical writing, reasoning, and mathematics, and other needed academic services in Quito. We maintain ongoing dialogue with our students and their families to help them flourish as students and agents of change in their communities.

David’s Educational Opportunity Fund is a tax-exempt public foundation. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Here is a photo of our current group of 12 students. They are: Front left to right: Lorena Cañar, Maritza Pucha, Patricio Narvaez, Jenny Narvaez, Lorena Chin, Sofía Chicaiza, Verónica Guamba, Gabriela Lime. Back left to right: Dario Tufiño, Richard Macas, Gabriela Suárez, Blanca Suárez.