Lorena Cañar, Graduate and Designer

WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW WITH LORENA CANAR? Lorena just completed all her classes, final exams, and final projects for her degree as Ingeniera de Diseño de Modas. (This is a BS in Clothes Design.) We are incredibly proud of Lorena. She has worked hard and done very well in her program, rated the best in Ecuador. She will graduate this month or next.

Lorena Cañar wants to use her skills as a seamstress and her artistic talents to become a clothes designer. She is now in her first semester at the best program for fashion design in Ecuador at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, and she is doing very good work there. Lorena is the oldest of five children, and both her parents have recurring health problems. So, she wants to use her educational opportunity to help her younger siblings and her family. Lorena graduated as a trained seamstress from the Working Boys’ Center, and received further technical training in her high school. These are skills which will be enhanced by her university studies.

Lorena excelled in both the high schools she attended; she was valedictorian in both. She consequently won a government scholarship for university study. She lost the scholarship in August 2010, when she failed the entrance exam at the university that she wanted to attend. She failed, because the exam contained material that had not been part of her high school curriculum. Since she needed to find a job to contribute to the support of her family, she finally took a job in a local bakery working 220 hours a month for less than a dollar an hour. Luckily, one of other students Sofia found her there and reconnected us. We sent her to an excellent, but expensive, exam preparation academy for three weeks, and she then passed the entrance exam at the same university. We know now that the additional costs of this university would have been prohibitively high for a person of Lorena’s resources, so that she could not have continued even with the government scholarship. With the support of the Fund, she can continue and flourish.

Update: Lorena completed her first semester with flying colors. She loves what she is studying.  When we call her, she takes great delight in telling us all the details of her many interesting classes, including history of clothing design, figure drawing, textiles, and sewing machine design and maintenance.