Verónica Guamba, Pre-school Educator


Verónica graduated from the Univversidad Politécnica Salesiana in May, 2014. She has worked since then at the Arcoiris Pre-School Center in her barrio in Quito. Her group consists in children from 2 and a half to 3 years old. She is a dedicated and respected member of her community. Her current project is to develop a small lending library for her school so that parents of her students have books to read to their children. There are few such libraries in Quito and certainly none in her barrio. If you’d like to contribute to this very worthy project, make a donation to Verónica’s Library through David’s Fund.

Verónica has completed all her coursework. She has to complete a thesis on language development and creativity in children, ages 3-5; she hopes to graduate in November. Of over 80 students who began in her program, 15 will be graduating with Verónica. It is very probable that she will get a job in the public school system where her salary will be $800 a month. This is 3 or 4 times the income that her family had before.

Verónica went to high school at night while working in child care during the day. She finished with an average of 19 (on a scale of 20) while studying accounting. After several months at the Universidad Nacional studying accounting, she decided that what she really loved doing was working with children. Now she is in her fifth semester at the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana in Education specializing in early childhood. In her first semester of practice teaching last spring, she received a 99 of 100. She is going to be an extraordinary teacher.

Update: Verónica is now in her sixth semester and expects to graduate in summer 2013. She received a grade of 98/100 on her second teaching practicum, which she did in the Working Boys’ Center preschool program. Her  current practicum is in a public school kindergarten.

Update: July 9, 2012. Verónica will complete sixth level in two weeks. She has had a very good semester with her practice teaching, finishing with a perfect 100/100.  Here is her own expression of her appreciation of the work of  the foundation: “La fundación me ayudado  bastante  en mi vida familiar  como en mis estudios,  puesto que su aportación en dinero han hecho que tenga una buena educación , tanto en valores como en enseñanza y de la misma manera en mi hogar, ya que la fundación me da los pañales de mi hija Milena, también para realizar compras de frutas que a veces necesito en mi hogar.”  (The foundation has helped me a great deal in family life and in my studies, since the financial support has made it so that I have a good education, both in values and in learning, and similarly in my family life, since it has given me the means to buy diapers for my daughter Milena and to buy fruits that we sometimes need.)

It has not been an easy path. Verónica became pregnant in her second semester at the University. She finished that semester successfully three weeks before her daughter Milena was born. The last three semesters Verónica has done most of her work by computer while caring for her daughter, spending four weekends each semester attending classes on campus. Last February, her husband, Byron, was summarily drafted into the Ecuadorean army, leaving Verónica and Milena without basic resources, since he received essentially no take=home pay. With the help of the Fund’s emergency assistance, she continued her academic work without interruption, and succeeded at a very high level.

Verónica lives with her mother Carmen in an apartment that is part of a complex that her mother has built brick by brick over the past twenty years. Verónica’s father died of alcoholism when she was fourteen. She has survived and is flourishing as a student, a mother, and a person. She is a leader; optimistic and generous with her time and talents. When we are not in Quito, she serves as a mentor for our newer students.