Dario Tufiño, Tourism Agent


His Story:
Dario’s family comes from the Esmeraldas section of Ecuador. The older brother to Darling, his brother with cerebral paulsy, Dario attended the Working Boys Center and studied auto-mechanics.


How he became involved in DEOF:

Maggie met Dario when he was enrolled in Maggie’s sixth grade health class. She saw (and heard) Dario’s talent with English. Mike eventually taught Dario mathematics, but his true passion was in English. Mike organized small English speaking groups and Dario showed how serious he was about the language.

How DEOF has helped:

David’s Fund has put Dario through twelve levels of English at the Continuing Education Center at the Universidad Politechnica Nacional. Now he continues his studies at night while working for a tourism agency by day. Dario earned a partial scholarship and David’s Fund has covered the shortfall in tuition. At times, the Fund has assisted with housing expenses or other unexpected costs.