Gabriela Lima, Environmental Engineer

picture of gabriela 1Her Story:
Gabriela is the daughter of Alfonso and Delicia who ran a small restaurant out of their home while Gabriela was growing up.  She was a dedicated student and member of the Working Boys Center prior to attending a strong academic high school. Eventually, she developed a career goal of environmental engineering and needed support in realizing it.

How she became involved in DEOF:
Gabriela met Mike as his student in 2004 in Mathematics at the Working Boys Center. Mike could sense her earnest care about her education but lost touch over the next few years while she went to high school outside of the confines of the WBC.

By good fortune, over a weekend mass in Cotocollao in the fall of 2008, she saw Mike and sought him out for help for her coursework in mathematics during high school. Over the next year Mike recognized the potential that Gabriela held and wanted to help realize this potential. He sought financial help from a few others in the US and Gabriela became the first student of David’s Educational Opportunity Fund.

How DEOF has helped:
Gabriela received full tuition, assistance with her moving and living expenses, but most importantly, moral support. She graduated with an environmental engineering degree from the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana in May, 2015. Gabriela today has credited Mike, Maggie and the Fund with providing emotional support when her challenges seemed greatest. She has proved to be an invaluable asset to our Fund, serving as a mathematics tutor, a mentor, and an example of what success looks like through our work.