Lorena Chin; Accountant


Her Story:
Lorena grew up in the Working Boys Center. Rodolfo, her father, was raised by the founders of the WBC and is currently employed there with his wife and Lorena’s mom, Maria. They serve as mentors and leaders for the families of the Center.

How she became involved in DEOF:
While she never was a direct student of Mike nor Maggie, Lorena’s academic reputation preceded her. She was one of the best students in her class and was identified as a great student for DEOF to take in. Mike praises her critical thinking and skepticism and says that Lorena reminds him of his former students from the University of Wisconsin.

How DEOF has helped:
DEOF was able to cover Lorena’s tuition for her university attendance and offer unexpected and extended services when Lorena became pregnant in 2016. Lorena attended Universidad Politechnica Salesiana and graduated in 2018. She is currently employed at an organization that does strategic economic planning.