Maritza Pucha, Clothes Designer/Producer



Her Story:
Like her classmate Lorena Canar, Maritza studied industrial sewing at The Working Boys Center and her family comes from Loja. A rare exception, Maritza worked in the streets of Quito shining shoes (much like her male counterparts). While studying at university, her school was shut down by the Ecuadorian government, leaving her without a clear future.

How she became involved in DEOF:
Mike had heard about Maritza and her difficulties through Patricio, Jenny, and Lorena. He also consulted from other WBC faculty members who confirmed what he heard: Maritza was a fantastic student and should be taken on by David’s Fund.

How DEOF has helped:
Covering Maritza’s tuition for the remainder of her studies, DEOF also covered the costs of class materials. Maritza also needed David’s Fund’s wrap-around services while dealing with personal strife over her mother’s battle with terminal cancer. DEOF’s moral support helped Martiza during this great time of need.