Verónica Guamba, Pre-school Educator

Her Story:
A member of the Working Boys Center with her mother, brother and sister, Veronica worked in the child care sector and attended night high school. She studied for several months to be an accountant at university before she returned to her passion: early childhood education.


How she became involved in DEOF:
Veronica was a student in Mike’s first mathematics class and was classmates with Gabriela Lima. Similar to Gabriela, Veronica went to a high school outside of the WBC. After Mike was reunited with Gabby, Mike began contacting his former students who excelled in his class. Reunited at the WBC birthday party, Mike sought out Veronica to see what support she needed. He offered assistance to help her pre-university courses to prove to the faculty what he already knew: Veronica was an excellent student, worthy of a great opportunity in higher education.

How DEOF has helped:
We have offered full tuition assistance and living expenses to Veronica. Most importantly, Veronica received support in raising her child Milena. When Milena’s father was drafted into the Army, David’s Fund provided support to help Veronica and Milena through their period of crisis. Veronica graduated in 2014 from the Universidad Politechnica Salesiana.

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