Mishell Trujillo; Future Health Care Professional



Mishell and her mom Paz

WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW WITH MISHELL TRUJILLO? Mishell continues to study for the national entrance exams, which will occur in the middle of July. She improved by 90 points the last time she took the exam, from 705 to 795. This time we are hoping for another 90 point improvement, which would probably get her into medical programs. She has also been helping another of our students, Dario Tufiño, with his college math classes.

Mishell Trujillo is a truly exceptional student. While she was completing three years of technical training at the Working Boys’ Center during the day, at night she was also finishing her last three years of high school. She graduated from the WBC in 2014 with a certificate in cosmetology, and this year is getting her high school diploma from a night school where she has studied the past three years. Mike and Maggie have seen Mishell at work in various academic settings, and we think that she has intellectual abilities of an extremely high order. She has a striking capacity to explain and teach what she has learned to others with great clarity and without condescension.
Mishell wants to be a doctor. This is a difficult goal in Ecuador. Only a few students are admitted in this area each year to the Universidad Central, and the costs of medical programs are high in the private universities. We are now sending Mishell to a good test preparation academy so that she has her best chance to get the high score she needs to enter medical school in the public system. If she can’t get the necessary score, David’s Fund will support her in a private university, since we are so convinced about the quality of her mind and character. (Tuition for the private university under consideration is $2300 per semester. This program is endorsed by a friend of ours, David Gaus, who runs some teaching hospitals in Ecuador through his non-profit Andean Health.)