Angélika Bedón; Future Clinical Psychologist


DSCF2120WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW WITH ANGELICA BEDON? She is going to graduate this summer from her high school with the best grades in her class. She is studying at a test academy to prepare for the national entrance exams that take place July 17.

Angélika Bedón will be a senior in high school this coming year. Like Mishell, she wants to be a doctor, and fortunately, she is also an extraordinarily good student. David’s Fund is now sending Angélika to a test preparation academy so that she can do as well as possible in the national entrance exams next March. Mike has taught Angelika beginning logic and geometry, and is very impressed by her capacity and enjoyment of reasoning. In this respect, she is very similar to Gabriela Lima, one of our students who has graduated from university as an environmental engineer. As in the case of Mishell, David’s Fund plans to support Angélika in a private university if she cannot get into the Universidad Central.

Angélika’s family came to the Working Boys’ Center when she was 12, after having lived in a small town in northern Ecuador. They were struggling financially, but turned things around at the WBC. Angélika’s mom Maria works in sewing at the Center, and her dad Angel drives a taxi. Angélika graduated from the Center in beauty shop work; she still works at the Center’s shop on occasion. When we are in Quito, we go with her to a local bookstore so that she can stock up on books to read for the next six months. (We think of this as one of the important services David’s Fund provides; we do this for a variety of other students, including promising students who are just 12 years old.)