Carlos Cañar; Future English Teacher


His Story:
Younger brother of Lorena, Carlos studied in a technical high school and has worked as a mechanic. Like his sister Maribel, whom the Fund also supports, he did very well on the national entrance exams, and was admitted to the Escuela Politécnica del Ejército (ESPE), a well-known but difficult university.

How he became involved in DEOF:
While visiting Lorena, Mike and Maggie met Carlos over a meal. They were struck over Carlos’ drive and desire to learn. Carlos loved the idea of speaking English, but more importantly, he made earnest attempts to speak English. Having success with Dario’s program, it was an obvious choice for Carlos to enroll at CEC for English studies.

How DEOF supports Carlos:
David’s Fund assisted with some ESPE costs, but now is offering Carlos full tuition at CEC for his English studies. He also benefits from tutoring and other forms of educational support.