Erick Lanchimba; Future Engineer

WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW WITH ERICK LANCHIMBA? Erick passed the entrance exam to study computer engineering at UTE, and is midway through his first semester. After passing the exams, he decided that it would be better to delay entering the university for a semester and instead to audit some math and science classes at the university level to improve his background and help his confidence that he belonged. We thought that this was a great idea. So far he is doing well at UTE.

Erick Lanchimba studied auto mechanics at the Working Boys’ Center and then studied electronics and computers in high DSCF2063school. He was Mike’s student in mathematics at the 9th grade level in 2009-10, and stood out as a person who enjoyed thinking and learning. Erick intends to studied Mecatrónica at the Universidad Technologica Equinoccial (UTE), an excellent private university attended by two of our students, Lorena Cañar and Maritza Pucha. This career combines elements of computer engineering and electrical engineering, and will enable Erick to be at the forefront of technical development in Ecuador.
Erick’s mother is a single mom, who supported Erick and his sister by working in a factory that packaged fast foods. They came to the Working Boys’ Center when Erick was just six; to bring in money for his family, he worked in the streets of Quito as a shoeshine boy. David’s Fund is now sponsoring Erick in a test preparation academy so that he can do well on the entrance exams he must take to get in to UTE. He had previously done well on the national entrance exams, but did not have the financial resources to take advantage of the results. Now he does, thanks to David’s Fund.