Flor Chicaiza; Future Accountant

WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW WITH FLOR CHICAIZA? Flor is now in her 3rd semester, studying Pre-school Education through an on-line class at the Universidad Tecnológica Particular de Loja (UTPL). Our graduate Veronica Guamba has met regularly with Flor to help her with her studies. Flor had trouble last semester with two of her classes and is repeating them this semester. Also, unfortunately, she is now out of work.

Flor wants to be a pre-school teacher. She has worked with children regularly over the past six years in her DSCF2071church, and loves the work. Since graduating from high school, Flor has done sales and secretarial work for a school that offers instruction in English to adults. But her heart is with pre-schoolers. She is very clear about the importance of early education; she is working with Veronica Guamba, one of our students who has graduated from university and who teaches pre-school. This is proving to be a very fruitful collaboration.
Flor is the younger sister of Sofia Chicaiza; for a number of years, the Chicaizas had to live in the streets of Quito, selling candy and other simple goods. But they entered the Working Boys’ Center as a family; Flor graduated in sales in 2007, along with Lorena Cañar, another of our students. Now Flor is completing her first semester as an on-line student at the Universidad Tecnológica Particular de Loja. She is doing this on-line, because she needs to continue to work to support herself. She is doing quite well in almost all her classes, and is getting help from Veronica in the one class where she is having some problems.