Jenny Narvaez, Future Veterinarian

Her Story:
Jenny’s mother, Dominga, came to Quito with Jenny when she was just one year old (and Patricio was four.) She discovered the Working Boys Center and Jenny was enrolled at the earliest possible time, attending nursery there. As she grew up, Jenny proved to be the best student in her class throughout her years in the center.

How she became involved in DEOF:
Jenny was Mike’s ninth grade math student in 2007. Mike offered supplemental instruction as Jenny was so advanced in her ability. She wanted to study English and Mike and Maggie offered tuition help well before DEOF was formed.

How DEOF supports Jenny:
We supported her through her studies at Universidad Central, but after she was the victim of several robberies, she continued her education at Universidad Nacional de Loja. DEOF has not only covered tuition and relocation expenses, but also medical assistance: Jenny needed an eye surgery and physical therapy for her back. We are hoping she graduates in 2020!