Nancy Chavez; Future Accountant


Nancy Chavez was a student in Mike’s 9th grade mathematics class in 2008. She was an excellent student, impressive both in her intelligence and her work habits. She finished high school at a night school affiliated with the Working Boys’ Center in Quito and continued to work at the Center’s bakery for a number of years. Mike was surprised that apparently, she had decided not to pursue her studies further. Last summer, we met her on our first day in Quito, and she wanted some help with mathematics, which she was studying Accounting at the Universidad Central de Ecuador. This was great news to us. She had done very well on the entrance exam and was completing her first semester of work. We asked how we could help her and helped her buy some texts and get the tutoring she needed (some with Mike and some with our student-graduate Gabriela Lima). Nancy finished her first semester with good marks.