Richard Macas, Future Computer Engineer

His Story:
Richard is the third of six children and his family moved to Quito before he was born. Richard attended the Working Boys’ Center, studying auto mechanics. He worked during the days and studied at night, graduating from high school in 2011 as one of the top students.

How he became involved in DEOF:
As a mathematics student of Mike’s in 2007, he showed very impressive analytical abilities and displayed the persistence of students that Mike taught at the University of Wisconsin. He developed a serious interest in computer programming and worked part-time with a computer business in Quito.

How DEOF supports Richard:
Despite failing out of Escuela Politécnica de Ejército (ESPE), Richard persevered and continued his education at Universidad Politécnica Salesiana. David’s Fund has paid for Richard’s university tuition. In an effort to put him in a better position to succeed, he relocated to be closer to the university, an expense that we cover monthly. He anticipates to complete his studies by 2020 with his license in computer programming!