Four New Students!

During our most recent visit to Quito, in June 2016, we began a new initiative designed to help a group of students who did not need tuition money but who did need support for a variety of basic day-to-day expenses, such as bus fare, food at school, textbooks, and tutoring. We decided to call this initiative CTTT for Comida, Transporte, Textos, y Tutores. In this way, we hoped to offer the necessary support to a group of promising students, but at a comparatively low cost. Since we also offer educational and emotional help in coping with university life in Ecuador, plus a successful, supportive community, we felt that this was an excellent way to broaden the impact of David’s Fund.

And we found a wonderful group of four students, just beginning their university educations with whom to initiate this idea.



Maribel Cañar wants to be a chemical engineer. Right now, she is the only woman in her class at the Universidad Politécnica Nacional. She got into this program by doing very well on the national entrance exam, but she has found it difficult going, because of limitations in her high school background. Mike worked with Maribel a number of times this summer on mathematics, and he came away convinced that she has the kinds of abilities and qualities of character that are needed to succeed at the university level. We are helping her with basic costs and finding her the tutoring that she needs.



Mike and Nancy  at the Working Boys’ Center

Nancy Chavez was a student in Mike’s 9th grade mathematics class in 2008. She was an excellent student, impressive both in her intelligence and her work habits. She finished high school at a night school affiliated with the Working Boys’ Center in Quito and continued to work at the Center’s bakery for a number of years. Mike was surprised that apparently, she had decided not to pursue her studies further. Last summer, we met her on our first day in Quito, and she wanted some help with mathematics, which she was studying Accounting at the Universidad Central de Ecuador. This was great news to us. She had done very well on the entrance exam and was completing her first semester of work. We asked how we could help her and helped her buy some texts and get the tutoring she needed (some with Mike and some with our student-graduate Gabriela Lima). Nancy finished her first semester with good marks.



Mike and Fernando at the Salesian University

Fernando Narvaez is the cousin of our students Jenny and Patricio Narvaez. We first learned about him when Jenny, herself a prolific reader, said that her cousin read every thing he could get his hands on. We met Fernando at one of our summer picnics and learned that he wanted to take the national university entrance. We proposed to help him go to a test preparation academy. Fernando did so well on the exam that he won a full scholarship at the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana to study Telecommunications. Fernando’s family has very limited economic resources; so David’s Fund decided to help Fernando with basic costs like transportation, food, and texts. He completed his first semester in August with flying colors!!



Carlos and Mike with a very good lunch prepared at the home of the Cañar family

Carlos Cañar studied mechanics in high school and has worked as a mechanic, as well. He would like to develop his interest by studying mechanical engineering. Like his sister Maribel, whom we are also supporting, he did very well on the national entrance exams, and was admitted to the Escuela Politécnica del Ejército (ESPE), a well-known but difficult university. We understand that it will be hard for Carlos to succeed there, because of the limitations of his high school education. David’s Fund is offering Carlos tutoring and other forms of educational support. Carlos is a bright young man, with a variety of talents, such as music and languages. David’s Fund wants to enable Carlos to use his abilities well.