Our Values and Philosophy

We believe that young persons of ability and character will flourish as students and leaders if they have the opportunity to dedicate themselves fully to their educations, and we believe that a consistent and comprehensive support system of the kind we offer permits and engenders such dedication.

We aim through our words and actions to serve as models of the intrinsic value of education to our students and their families. We promote the application of critical, informed reflection in response to personal, familial, and educational difficulties.

We believe that character is at the heart of educational and personal success; so we teach, affirm, and model a set of basic values: optimism, resilience, generosity, confidence, personal discipline, concern for community, critical intelligence.

We aim to sustain the work of the Fund through the development of our own future leaders; to this end, we work to form an enjoyable, friendly, and committed spirit of community among the students we help.