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David’s Educational Opportunity Fund

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We are a tax-exempt public charity (501(c)(3)) as of  August 26, 2011.

While our work is costly by Ecuadorean standards, it is inexpensive by the standards of the United States. Tuitions costs vary widely; the Universidad Nacional is highly subsidized so that the annual tuition is about $200 a year. The private universities that our students attend vary from $1800 to $4600 for annual tuition. Additional expenses for transportation, food, materials, conferences, English classes, and crisis funds average $200 a month per student. So, it takes about $5000 a year to support one student.

We welcome your contributions, whatever the amount. Your contributions go directly to support of our students, since the work of the Fund is done gratis by the members of the Board.  We need and value your help. Below we indicate what a given level of contribution can support.

• $25 – bus fare to school for a month.

• $50 – food at school for a month.

• $60 – tuition for Sofia’s daughter to attend kindergarden for one month.

• $100 – attendance at a professional conference for three days.

• $220 – eight weeks of classes in English at the best place to study English in Quito.

• $250 – Patricio’s tuition for a year at the Universidad Nacional.

• $250 – complete expenses for one month of university study.

• $400 – course in preparation for taking university entrance exams.

• $500 – help in sustaining a crisis fund for health care and other emergencies.

• $900 – semester tuition for Flor

• $2300 – semester tuition for Erick or Mishell

• $5000 – complete expenses for one year, allowing us to offer help to a new student.

Monthly Donation of $25

Monthly Donation of $50

Monthly Donation of $100