Our Media

Here you can find some of the videos we have made over the years as well as some projects our students have completed.

Our first video was made in 2013. Many of these students have grown through our program and we hope you can see the differences from when they began with our Fund and where they are today.

From 2013 to 2019, our students have experienced SO MUCH change! Fernando Narváez, one of our all-star students, has created this video to share with you some of those


Fernando is continuing his studies in social communications. The below was a project assigned to him and he chose to highlight the struggles of his neighbor. In the video, Madre, Fernando showcases his talents with a camera while telling a difficult story. While there are no subtitles available, we hope you appreciate his eye for a well-framed shot and editing skills. We are incredibly confident in Fernando’s work and we are sure you will see more work from him in the future!