Educational Support

We work with students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic work and a strong work ethic. But our students are also products of a secondary education system of low quality in terms of range and depth of  subject matter.  These limitations pose problems both for passing entrance exams and for performing in university classes at a high level.

To address these problems, we offer:

• enrollment at institutions offering courses in entrance exam preparation.

• opportunities to attend conferences related to careers.

• tutoring by members of the Fund in mathematics, writing, and critical thinking.

• opportunity, when appropriate, to study English both informally and in classes.

• trips to cultural sites, historical sites, and museums in Quito.

• books, magazines, pamphlets individualized to interests and careers, ranging from Hawking’s A Brief History of Time to Isabel Allende’s Daughter of Fortune.

• books and other literacy related material for young children in the families of our students.