Emotional and Moral Support

Our students come from remarkable families, but neither they nor their parents have had the experience of dealing with the stresses specific to academic life in higher education. The Fund aims to help our students and their families learn to manage these challenges.

It is also a goal of the Fund that our students develop qualities of leadership and service that will sustain the work of the Fund in the future and will enable them to be agents of change in their own communities.

To address these goals, we offer:

• regular, weekly meetings, individual and group, to discuss difficulties and concerns.

• family and home visits so as to remain connected with the families of our students.

• regularly scheduled telephone or Skype conversations when we are not in Quito.

• recreational outings to parks, shopping malls, and similar places for out students and their families.

• funds for our students to meet with one another so as to develop friendships and a sense of community.

• opportunities to serve others through mentoring and tutoring.